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Hawk Granito GROUP


Hawk Granito quality & innovation depends upon the market and customer demands and requirements. The Hawk Granito team aims to provide a luxurious appeal and feel.

The versatility that does not forget the beauty

Our Tiles are the balanced combination of a selection of the finest raw materials, ongoing pursuit of uniqueness, and technology that makes use only of the most modern and efficient processes and machinery. At the heart of it all is inspiration.

Our R&D department constantly explores new creative possibilities, teaming a flair for design with ceramic know-how which makes it possible to achieve a perspective with an industrial vantage point, thanks to which aesthetic styling constantly liaises with functionality and sustainability.

The design versatility that distinguishes Hawk Granito is the strength of an approach which combines craftsmanship versatility with industrial ability. A process that not only has to accommodate technical requirements, but which must also be capable of contributing towards replicating the natural beauty of the inspiring subjects.

This is the only way we can guarantee architects, designers and interior designers products built to stand the test of time thanks to their quality and which accommodate all possible needs, whether aesthetic or application-based, thanks to their very beauty.